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Driveway Gravel

Fall 2015, the PPOP hired Staton Trucking to haul gravel, donated by Vulcan Materials, to pave our driveway. 

Ken Wise graded the gravel. Thanks local businesses for a great job!


In Nov 2015, the PPOP hired Ivo Ballentine and son to take down the giant oak that had fallen on the back of the storage room, crushing about 8 feet of the building. Much of the wood was rotten. However, some was salvaged and is being turned into picture frames and other arts and crafts and will be sold to raise more money for the restoration project.


In Jan 2016, the PPOP hired Bucky Pollard to stabilize the General Store side of the building. The North Wall's foundation had disappeared, allowing the chestnut planks to rest solely on the ground, leading to some rot. The North Wall was some 20" + lower than the middle of the building. He removed half the floor and is going to pour concrete footers, replace the floor, add framing to the North Wall and reattach the roof rafters where they were starting to separate at the peak.

Buck Pollard checking out the roof below. It has several leaks that are on the list of repairs. Behind the Penland Post Office and General Store is the Office. We are hiring a company to replace the windows. We will be hosting a painting party to scrape the outside and paint the Office this summer. 



Structural Engineer Plans
In April 2016, the PPOP hired Stan Cook to draw up plans for the North Wall, as it was determined to be best to put in foundation blocks, rather than solely concrete footers. We will dig out a trench a lay a drain to divert water around the building.

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