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Some PPOP board and community members gather to place the Historical Registry plaque. From left: Paulus Berensohn, Marcia Bailey, Geraldine Plato, Gloria Schulman, Norm Schulman, Becky Davis (Post Master), Lisa Goerhling

The Penland Post Office Project Board of Directors

Alicia Swaringen: chair


Suzanne Ford: treasurer


Vicki Essing: secretary

Dan Essing

Kit Paulson


A listing of our accomplishments to date will most likely leave off a thing or two but here are some that we can be really proud of:

National Historic Preservation Registry


Nonprofit status as a 5013c.

Raised $70,000+, including a 2 grants


Gained ownership of the building, the Office building and the land they sit on


Removed the Oak tree that fell on the back of the building and cleaned up the site


Stabilized the building

Have an architect’s planning document

We have a board of directors with 8


Ran a rummage stall in Spruce Pine with goods for sale and to display our brochure

Completed a brochure

A member raised more than $1000 creating and selling hand painted envelopes

A website

A facebook page with more than 450 followers

An email database for sending out newsletters (Mail chimp)

Have talked to many contractors about the project, including some who have experience with historical preservation and the codes that are involved

Got agreement from the Penland Bailey estate to donate the building and the land to our group

We have made repairs to the porch

We regraveled and graded the driveway twice


Repaired the chimney

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