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PHASE 1: To complete what has been started:

  1. Contractor: Finish initial stabilization: roof joists, north wall, bracing, subfloor.

  2. North wall foundation, 3 foot ditch, French drain

  3. Rebuild chimney

To Do:

PHASE 1: Reframe front doors and remove plywood

PHASE 2: To complete building enough to be ready for renter:

  1. Install rest of flooring

  2. Overhaul electric

  3. Drywall ceiling and walls, reinstall some chestnut

  4. Paint drywall 

After PHASE 2, we can rent the building during the warm months.

PHASE 3: To make building more comfortable:

  1. Install heating for winter use 

  2. Install more insulation on PO side

After PHASE 3, we can rent the building throughout the year.

PHASE 4: Needs to happen but no emergency:

​  1.Paint outside of building   

PHASE 5: To bring it back to Prior condition (optional):

  1. Replace shelves 

  2. Rebuild Storeroom 

  3. Rebuild Shed 

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