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Come to a Meeting

Our board meets monthly, usually the 3rd Saturday of the month. By coming to a meeting, you can find out the status of our project, and see where you can help out. We are a friendly bunch, committed to doing what it takes to save our beloved Post Office and General Store!

Share us on Facebook

By liking us, clicking "like" on our posts, and "sharing" our posts, you help build the word about saving the Penland Post Office and General Store building. The more people know that we are raising money and restoring the structure, the more support we can get and the sooner the building will be done! We can't do it without the support of people like you!


Every donation will go a long way towards restoring our building. Please donate as generously as you can! 


Occasionally, we need volunteers to help out. In May, 2016, we will need more folks to help dig out a trench along the north wall. The dirt can be taken to gardens as it is fabulous compostable dirt. 


As well, we will be scraping and repainting the Office that sits above the PO and General Store. This project will be taking place in June, 2016.

Fundraising Projects

We are planning more fundraising projects:


1) a crowd funding campaign will be released around May 15, 2016 via


2)  creating be a way for people to leave a legacy, either as a brick, or with their name on a plaque, or other such medium.


3) we are also planning an online auction with objects ranging from gift certificates to objects of art.


4) we are thinking of doing a river float contest on the Toe River.



Tell us your story!

What do you remember about the Penland Post Office and General Store? 


Tell us your story, or send us your photos or videos, we will post them on our Stories page! (as long as they are appropriate!)


Your memories are a part of this building, this community, these mountains. Sharing your memories connects you to the people who have been here and will be here in the future.

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