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Built in 1902

Open House June 22, 2024 from noon to 2pm

Come join us to take a look inside at all our progress! The doors will be open to the public. See what all our fundraising success has put to use in the General Store, Museum Room and Post Office! 

Our crowdfunding campaign is now launched. Click on the above link and go to our page to donate to our campaign to bring water and a restroom to our building! We are raising the money to dig a well, install a septic system and build a restroom which will be in the back of the General Store Great Room.

The Penland Post Office, of Penland, North Carolina, was established in 1879, and moved several times until it was finally established in this building in 1934. The building itself was built in 1902 and housed the Bailey Lumber Company, and later several General Stores. 


Thanks to the efforts of Marcia Bailey, the Penland Post Office and General Store gained its place on the National Register of Historic Places in 2012.


In 2012, the community formed a 501(c)3 to accept ownership and responsiblity for renovating and restoring the Penland Post Office and General Store building.


Today, the left side of the building is empty, but the Penland Post Office Project is still in operation. Rebecca Davis has been working there for more than 52 years! The process of renovation of the whole building began in 2016. We completed the stabilization phase in the summer of 2017!


Eventually, the Great Room will be available for community members to create retail, event and museum areas. Please continue reading to find out more details of current and future activities~!

We are indebted to the following organizations for the grants they have provided us:
Phillips Family Foundation
Marion Stedman Covington Foundation 2016 and 2018
and 2024!


“The Penland Post Office and General Store is important vernacular architecture from the turn of the last century and a vital link to the present for our students and extended community. 28765 means Penland. It means creative retreat and a special moment in time. It is a zip code that causes joy and anticipation.


"It is also a place where history is alive. Looking at the pictures on the wall, imagining the rising flood waters of 1916, examining commemorative stamps with Postmistress Becky or chatting with Paulus Berensohn or Bill Ford—one always experiences the past and the present blended together.


"Penland School of Crafts and the Penland Post Office have a very special, intertwined history. When you cross the bridge over the North Toe and see the historic post office, you know you are entering Penland’s world. You can send mail back into the ‘other world’ through the Penland Post Office at the same time you remain safely immersed in the creative zone of Penland where time can stand still."


Jean W. McLaughlin, Former Director,

Penland School of Crafts

Jean McLaughlin, being interviewed for our crowd funding video.

Our crowd funding campaign, is live now, 


The Penland Post Office/General Store and old Office Building are now owned by The Penland Post Office Project, Inc." 

Al Chrismon of the Penland Bailey Corp., Inc.

Oct 20, 2015.


A HUGE THANK YOU to the Penland Bailey family who generously deeded us the Post Office and General Store, as well as the .51 acres that the building stands on.



We are a 5013c so we can accept tax deductible donations!


Your financial support will help us restore this lovely old building at the heart of Penland, save the Penland Post Office, and breathe life into the large empty space that used to be the General Store!

Please make your check

out to: 

The Penland Post Office Project

Mail to:

The Penland Post Office Project

PO Box 41

Penland, NC  28765


We have a Memorium Page for those of you who would like to donate in memory of a loved one. Just send us a note with your donation.

Brianna Sheehan, videographer, taping Jennifer Cathey for our crowd funding video.

The Penland Post Office and General Store is representative of the numerous modest community buildings that once dotted the North Carolina mountains. Many of these places have been lost to development or neglect, yet this place survives, overlooking the Clinchfield Railroad line and the waters of the Toe River, a landmark to visitors and longtime residents alike. With community support for repair and rehabilitation, the Penland Store and Post Office will remain a cultural  attraction and a commercial asset to Mitchell County and to the western North Carolina region. 


Jennifer Cathey

Restoration Specialist

State Historic Preservation Office

NC Department of Cultural Resources

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