The Penland Post Office, of Penland, North Carolina, was established in 1879, and moved several times until it was finally established in this building in 1934. It is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

Today, the left side of the building is empty, but the Penland Post Offic Project is planning to renovate the whole building and invite community members to utilize the space for artist studios, a local crafts market, outdoor recreation outpost or other needed business.

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Members of the Penland Post Office Project board of directors, with friends, celebrate the National Registry of Historic Places listing. From left, Board Members: Paulus Berensohn, Marcia Bailey, Geraldine Plato, Gloria Schulman. Friends include:True Kelly, Norm Schulman, Becky Davis, (Post Mistress), Lisa Joerling (Board Member) and Jane Hatcher.
“The Penland Post Office and General Store is important vernacular architecture from the turn of the last century and a vital link to the present for our students and extended community. 28765 means Penland. It means creative retreat and a special moment in time. It is a zip code that causes joy and anticipation.

It is also a place where history is alive. Looking at the pictures on the wall, imagining the rising flood waters of 1916, examining commemorative stamps with Postmistress Becky or chatting with Paulus Berensohn or Bill Ford—one always experiences the past and the present blended together.

Penland School of Crafts and the Penland Post Office have a very special, intertwined history. When you cross the bridge over the North Toe and see the historic post office, you know you are entering Penland’s world. You can send mail back into the ‘other world’ through the Penland Post Office at the same time you remain safely immersed in the creative zone of Penland where time can stand still."

Jean W. McLaughlin, Director, Penland School of Crafts



"The Post Office/General Store and old Office Building is now owned by The Penland Post Office Project, Inc." Al Chrismon of the Penland Bailey Corp., Inc. Oct 20, 2015.

A HUGE THANK YOU to the Penland Bailey family who generously deeded us the Post Office and General Store, as well as the .51 acres that the building stands on.

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We are shoring up the building to protect it from the elements, removing part of the back of the building that was crushed by a very large oak tree, as well as removing plant matter from the roof and sealing leaks.

Our next phase is raising more money through a letter campaign, grants and crowdfunding.

The building needs foundation work, as well as an electrical overhaul. 

If you are interested in helping us out in any way, please contact us through email: alicia@penlandpostoffice.org or look at our contact page. It is through community support that we will save this historic building!

Many thanks to Vulcan Materials Company for generously donating 6 truckloads of gravel for us to pave the
Post Office driveway and Parking lot in October, 2015.

On March 27, 2014, Jennifer Cathey, of NC Historic Preservation, spoke on the importance of this building to the
   history of Mitchell County and how this restoration project can benefit our citizens.

 The Penland Post Office (and former     General Store) building is in need of major repairs. Built sometime before 1902, it has housed the Penland Post Office since 1934. The Post Office itself has been in Penland since 1879, making it the oldest Post Office in Mitchell County. The majority of the building housed a General Store and now stands empty, ready for community use, after it has been restored. 

You can help save a living piece of history and be a part of our county’s future!

A listing of our accomplishments to date will most likely leave off a thing or two but here are some that we can be really proud of:

1)National Historic Preservation Registry
2)Nonprofit status as a 5013c.
3)Raised about $50,000+, including a $10,000 grant
4)Have an architect’s planning document
5)We have a board of directors with 11 members
6)Opened a rummage stall in Spruce Pine with goods for sale and to display our brochure
7)Completed a brochure
8)A member raised more than $1000 creating and selling hand painted envelopes
9)A website
10)A facebook page with more than 70 likes
11)An email database for sending out newsletters (Mail chimp)
12) Have talked to several contractors about the project, including some who have experience with historical preservation and the codes that are involved
13) Researching how to stabilize the north bank and interior walls via local professionals
14) Got agreement from the Penland Bailey estate to donate the building and the land to our group
15) The Penland Bailey trust will donate us the old office building 
16) We have made repairs to the porch
18) We regraveled and graded the driveway twice